A of universality

(Consider this, not as science, but as science fiction

until someone figures out what experiment can prove it right or wrong.)

   a part of

The following is the Devoid hypothesis theme song.
It's called 'Imagine That' and is a collaboration between αβeats∞ & Kaperka.

What we perceive as real, is not reality.

We can only perceive it to be real through our senses and measuring equipment.

And we interact with it through forces.

The limits we have in this universe are caused by the complexity of the multiple iterations energy has had since what we can measure as time.

But the first forms of energy were not this complex. The first forms of energy were essentially very simple.

Simplicity is the key ingredient to all forms of complexity and complexity is the result of multiple iterations of simplicity.

Multiple iterations of complexity can be chaotic or esthetic.
Complexity can be a key ingredient of chaos, but also of esthetics.

So the ‘essentially simple’ turns into the ‘essentially complex’ and beyond.

We are living in the essence of reality. 

And reality is in essence not at all how we perceive it to be.

of energy's ubiquity.

Although the universe is infinite, it is sometimes easier to observe it as finite. 
And the reason we feel like it should be finite, is because for an observer it is finite, until he can get to the edge and then finds out there is much more to observe, infinitely.

Now you have two choices:
(It doesn't really matter what you choose, as was already mentioned before:
'Reality is not at all as we perceive it to be')