The Devoid hypothesis is a different way to understand the ubiquitous nature of energy.
As it is still work in progress, expect this to be very dynamic (as in, expect parts to be rewritten and expanded on as the science world expands and also depending on when I have time to write).
Some stuff that will be written about is as follows.
Why: the range of gravity is infinite; time is misunderstood; locality seems to be violated in the quantum world (it isn't); and why other stuff happens.
What are: quantum fluctuations; virtual particles; dark energy & dark matter; and other stuff.

Where did the hypothesis come from?
Some ideas have been lingering in my mind for a long time. They originate from the time I was trying to figure out why I perceive and process things slower than most.
It seems to have to do with thought processes that try to get as much possibilities as possible from a tiny bit of information. That is what kind of slows everything down. Since a young age, I was often confronted with my sluggishness. Not much has changed.

At some point my thoughts about everything created a construct in my mind where all kinds of things happened. So I started looking at which of the constructs seemed to match with reality.
That is when I discovered the amazing road humanity hat taken to figure a lot of it out. There was so much in my mind that aligned with what was already known about the essence of reality. During this search I learned about a lot of people and experiments.

Still there seems to be a lot of missing stuff. There may be another way to look at it all, and that is what I will attempt to explain here. Before I did this, there were some scientists I tried to contact to iron out the details. No response yet, but it’s understandable as it appears like, here is someone who suddenly popped out of nowhere. (Update: since creating and sharing this website, there were some responses with useful insights.)
As I am mostly doing this alone, it’s still a very rocky road.

Here follows the most 'compressed' but at the same time the most 'plausible' and still 'understandable' version of how to explain the Devoid hypothesis.

It's not the whole thing yet, because SynchronNeuralink nor Kernel have finished their 'brain-computer interface' (or BCI). Just kidding, I'm not waiting for a BCI, but it will be interesting when it works.

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