Devoid § 1

The Devoid hypothesis

It's nothing new to state that the universe is teeming with activity and that only a very small part is visible to us.
The big difference here will be the way to understand how this can be. Instead of looking at the visible and trying to work it all out, there may be another way.
Humanity has come a long way in understanding how it all works. The fields of the biggest (Cosmology & General Relativity) and the smallest (Particle Physics & Quantum Mechanics) are at the edges of our understanding. It was logical to conclude that while looking at the smallest and looking at the furthest, there would be a point where it all becomes invisible, unless you can figure out a different way to look at it all. We will probably find new ways to expand our scope in those fields. But maybe we also need to look at it all in a new way to figure out new ways to expand it (our scope).
I think we have enough information to start looking at it all from a different angle.

The invisible part

Most activity happens at a resolution we can’t detect (yet). During one bit of this activity, every kind of energy, from the lightest to the very heavy, is temporarily created when energy interacts with itself. Some of this energy is already becoming matter and antimatter particles. Some of it annihilates and becomes other particles or energy again.
But some of this gets a bit heavier, but then collapses similar to the way a sun can collapse. (the infinities in the formulas are real)
All of this happens in an infinitesimally small amount of space and time.
If there is nothing much happening in the vicinity, this goes almost unnoticed. 
That is what the quantum fluctuations are.

All the fields we know of (and the ones we still don't know of) are an emergent effect of energy's self interaction. But the chance that nothing more happens in this bit of activity is very small, as we have seen earlier that some annihilation causes some energy to interact again in a similar way. Almost the same happens, but now some heavy matter and antimatter particles get to interact with multiple other matter and antimatter particles. As there are bigger annihilations, there are also heavier particles forming which can again collapse into a super-tiny collapsed sun. (not gonna use its popular name here yet, before some people start to panic for no reason)

At the same time, some of the heavier particles interact with others to form even heavier ones. And the annihilations in the vicinity cause them to accelerate which causes new emergent effects.
This continues process causes some particles and antiparticles to very temporarily become visible.
That is what virtual particles are.

This all happens continuously and everywhere (yes, everywhere as in everywhere). If you look at your hand and imagine the space between the atoms, it happens there too. And it even happens throughout the atoms or anything else in existence or that you can imagine.
It’s ubiquitous.
That is what the invisible universe is.

The visible part

The buildup of what happened above and its emergent effects of energy interacting with itself are nothing compared to what happens next.
We will now look at some familiar matter. The part we know best, because we can see and touch most of it, emerges in a more complex way than the part we don't see, but it is very similar.
What we know about matter is important to keep in mind for this part. Now we will look at what happens in the 'invisible' part and add charges in the mix. People who know about spin can add that and other quantum stuff too, but without it, it's already pretty complicated.

As the whole quantum fluctuation and virtual particle stuff goes on, some regions will have many unstable particles and many stable ones. We tend to see stability as a border where, on one side the particles are that exist too short to be accounted for as matter. 
This part of the border was discovered when we started smashing particles together really hard.
That is what the 'particle zoo' is.

And on the other side, the particles that 'live' longer exist. The continuous interaction of energy with itself simultaneously creates the mutual existence of the leptons e.g. electrons, quarks and forces e.g. photons, gluons and gravity.
(more on leptons, quarks and forces in another chapter)
That is what the elemental particles are.

If they were living things, we would call that a symbiotic relationship, but one where nobody gets to leave. They are however allowed to go wherever they want, as long as they don’t leave the system.
That is where the underlying mechanism that leads to the conservation laws comes from.

All of those particles are very important and that is the level of existence from where our perceived reality is constantly being regenerated. There are all kinds of particles and combinations of particles in existence, but because of the very limited attention span of our senses and sensory equipment, we tent to only pay attention to the ones that are stable.
The synergy of all particle interactions eventually becomes the elements. And the chemical compositions are, in turn, the synergy of the elements.
That is what the elements and their chemical compositions (the molecules) are.

This can happen when the accumulations of these particles form pairs and get arranged in more stable combinations.
The buildup of everything that happened up until now causes matter to get created of which some gets annihilated which causes some to get accelerated. That causes some matter to accumulate and get heavier for some bigger annihilations causing some bigger accelerations and bigger accumulations of matter (and all of that is happening simultaneously and includes antimatter). Matter is highly condensed energy.
That is what matter is.

Some of these very big accumulations of matter will be unstable and split into smaller ones causing more matter and energy action. The process continues and now the accumulation and splitting of matter will cause more stable matter, but again some annihilating, some splitting and some collapsing.
That is what the visible universe is.

There's much more going on in the invisible universe than our sensors can currently detect.
Find out more about that in the next section.

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