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The 'mind- & space bending' part

Some of those earlier mentioned very big particles will be stable, but at some point become too massive for their sizes and collapse into super-tiny virtual black holes (finally, its popular name). These will evaporate matter into energy before you can say 'ah'. These virtual black holes are already a bit bigger, but still are unnoticeable to us, although this is going on everywhere. The interactions they have among each other and also between all previously described interactions of energy, quantum fluctuations, virtual particles and matter, eventually have various additional interesting emergent effects that happen everywhere. They even happen right before our eyes and within us.
That is what virtual black holes (also called Planck relics) are.

So as you can see (or rather not see), the visible and invisible universe interact right under our noses. This happens because of the ubiquitous nature of energy. Emergent effects and the infinities at any point in space are there because of this. We don’t realise the existence of an unimaginable amount of fast matter evaporating virtual black holes that are all around us and even throughout us (yes, everywhere), because this all happens at a very tiny scale and in a very small amount of time constantly. But the effects become 'visible' when big regions of space collapse into themselves as during a supernova that can leave a very condensed form of the accumulations of these virtual black holes throughout space.

These all have additional direct and emergent effects among all the other previously mentioned phenomena. Everything is happening continuously. From the continuous interaction of energy with itself up until the merging of black holes. The formation of a black hole can be seen as the point when a force that we tend to call very weak actually wins over matter. (gravity will be 'looked at' in another section)
There are a huge number of undetectable black holes, a lot of incredibly large ones and almost every size in between. Expect many more black holes "that should not exist" to be discovered in the future. Depending on their size, they either evaporate matter into energy extremely fast or for a very, very long time. (time will also be 'watched' in another section)
They are the infinities (in reality and in formulas) that most scientists seem to hate so much.
That is what black holes are.

Now the charge (and spin and other quantum stuff) part becomes more important. Although charge wasn’t mentioned in "The 'invisible' part", it doesn't mean it wasn't there. All interactions of pure energy start to happen way below Planck lengths and this is what keeps us from detecting all of this directly.
While the process of energy interaction with itself goes on, the charges emerged. At the quantum level it happens so much that they mostly cancel each other out. But at some regions where they don't cancel each other out, they can actually build up.
That is where the charges come from.

The charges are very weak at first and continuous buildups make them much stronger. They are still unimaginably weak. But also keep in mind that the process of energy interacting with itself constantly everywhere is still ongoing. So even though there are buildups of charges now, newly emerging charges can still cause any of the effects mentioned earlier. Because of the continuous energy interaction, some even stronger regions of these buildups of charges will either repeatedly cancel each other out or build up even more at some points causing some new emergent points of very strong charges. These are the charges that only have effect on extremely short distances. We call these effects forces, and because they seem like points to us we sometimes see this effect as particles.
Those are what the strong force and the Gluon force carrying particles are.

So the charges are now very strong at short distances and form new synergies between each other. As those synergies are farther and farther apart they will at some distance become weaker. But still keep in mind that even here the process of energy interacting with itself constantly everywhere is still ongoing. So even though there are buildups of synergies of charges now, newly emerging charges can again still cause any of the effects mentioned earlier. This causes some new ways that the charges can behave, where now some are positive, some are negative and some cancel out becoming neutral. All of these are the charges that only have effect on short distances.
Those are what the weak force and the W & Z force carrying particles are.

The accumulations of the various buildups of charges on top of the continuous interaction of energy with itself causes bigger buildups of charges and forces that again will either form new energy interactions, particles of matter, or all off the above causing more of all of the above and now even more emergent effects of which some are new.

The 'sophisticated' part

Everything written up to now had mostly been derived from what is known about the universe, what experiments revealed up until now and what they are currently still revealing.

What all the previous parts were about, were here to place the setting in which the universe unfolds in a whole new perspective. Some of what has been described until now may have sounded like it is a description of the Big Bang theory. That is true, as it is very similar. This hypothesis doesn't try to change any current models. It just tries to give a different perspective of why all of it happens.

The continuous interaction of energy with itself is 'The Big Bang' happening over and over again everywhere continuously. Most of it is undetectable to us, because it happens below Planck scales. Although we are not aware of this happening ubiquitously and constantly, this is what keeps reality flowing.
On an activity scale from zero to infinity, observable reality is only in a very small section. This section has an upper and a lower limit.
The part closest to zero is around the point at which it seems like everything is almost stationary. We have a name for it.
That is what absolute zero is.

At this point, some charges (also with all other quantum stuff) and emergent effects suddenly change.
But because of the emergent effects that have already happened up until now, that point is not the same for every material. There are a lot of possible configurations of elements that can cause all kinds of effects. The way the interaction of energy with itself ends up influencing everything becomes a bit more pronounced now.
That means that based on the configurations of matter, the kinds of fields that there are and the pressures involved, the real temperatures where this change happens will not be the same as absolute zero for everything.
That is why the temperatures or pressures this all happens can differ so much among the elements and also among complex combinations of the elements.
That is where the critical temperatures of the elements and of their chemical compositions comes from.

Where matter is almost stationary, so the temperatures are very low, the accumulation and emergent effects of energy interacting with itself leads to the most activity in these very dense regions. This means there is a lot more activity in the 'invisible part' as was described in an earlier section. And, although it seems to us like some charges suddenly disappeared, they actually became stronger below the scales we are familiar with. That is why magnetic fields can suddenly 'pin' stuff in thin air, why electricity can suddenly flow without resistance and why liquids can suddenly flow with zero viscosity.
Those are what superconductivity and superfluidity are.

Every other interaction happens in the regions where the propagation of everything mentioned about the interaction of energy with itself (especially of the photon) is lower or higher than the regions where electromagnetic-radiation detection is possible.
So everything propagating slower than absolute zero and everything propagating faster than the speed of light is basically invisible to the current state of our sensors and sensory equipment.
At these regions is where we will eventually find dark matter and dark energy.
That doesn't mean dark matter and dark energy are only there. Like everything else that occurred during the multiple interactions of energy with itself, they are also occurring constantly everywhere, but beyond a scale we can comfortably detect currently (January 2020).

There is much more I would like to write about. However, although this hypothesis has infinity at its core, I don’t have an infinite amount of time.

Most of the interactions described until now are at such a small scale that we see all those interactions as almost the same thing.
But there is a way to interpret it all differently without having to change current models. For example by only adding the missing parts or a better understanding of why some models work only in some fields, but not in others. And also understanding why there are so many theories that appear to be correct in certain areas and why some of them seem to be conflicting or don't seem compatible with each other.

If I only had more time (or a 'brain-computer interface' 🙂 ).

Seems like we've hit the bottom of the rocky road for now, but this is definitely not the end.

Watch this space,
for (this) space is dynamic.

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