Devoid § 3

The 'crazy' part

Keep everything in mind that has been brought up in the previous chapters. Now replay it all multiple times continuously. You see us going from energy to matter and back again in countless ways. And it all has to do with deceleration and acceleration. We also see that the maximum speed we can observe in propagation of electromagnetism is the speed of light (electromagnetic radiation). That is how we can get to one of the most popular formulas ever imagined. But in its most popular form, relativistic effects at extremely high velocities, acceleration and deceleration are ignored. 
That is how the formula E=MC² could be derived. 

While charges (and spin) cause the changes in acceleration and direction of energy (and matter), their effects beyond small scales adds up almost like factorial sequences. There are several ways this can be explained and I haven’t come across an experiment yet that helps me pinpoint which explanation is the proper one for reality. 

While charges in combination with spin tend to accelerate and send matter in a certain direction, it tends to accelerate and send antimatter in another direction. 

It’s about velocity

The first interactions of energy with itself caused phenomena that at first propagate near infinite speeds. Extremely high speeds means extremely hot. That is why we see the early universe as very hot.
That is where the idea of the Big Bang theory comes from. 

The buildups of these interactions and the buildups of the resulting phenomena caused those speeds to gradually decrease. That is how everything that is very hot, when left alone, always cools down and never seems to rise in temperature. At the same time, everything that is very cold will be warmed up.
That is where the underlying mechanism that leads to increasing entropy comes from.

It's about momentum

What we detect as being a photon is the excitation in a cross-section where there is an interaction of the photon during the propagation of electromagnetic radiation. When we observe (or measure), we cause an excitation in the region of the already ongoing interaction of what we are trying to detect on top of the ongoing interaction of energy at scales below the Planck length. 
All of that happens at extremely high speeds and that is where weird things can happen. The effects are however too small to have any measurable effects because of the low sensitivity of our current measuring equipment.
We can however sometimes detect what happens at the edges of these scales as anomaly’s at large distances or some randomness in a vacuum at small distances.
That is where the underlying mechanism that leads to the quantum measurement problem comes from.

The slowdown of the, now propagating, interactions of energy with itself cause more interaction and therefore more buildup of particles causing more kinds of particles and their emergent effects. There are regions where these will overlap more than others. But some of these overlaps will cause a region of extreme slowdowns, and again this causes extreme buildups gradually until there is a fussy region where the overlap almost isn't possible anymore.
That is where the underlying mechanism that leads to the Pauli exclusion principle comes from and what fermions are.

The fussy regions where the overlap almost is not possible anymore are still being influenced by the whole story from the previous Devoid hypo sections. This causes all particles to appear as some kind of fussy cloud. And the regions where these gradual overlaps are the greatest is where we can "detect" the electron. The electron is any part of the cloud where additional gradual overlap ceases to be possible. What actually makes observing the electron possible is the fact that the observation itself (or the way sensors work) adds even more overlapping in the region were we are probing. So, when we detect the electron in a place, we can ignore the cloud part.
That is what the electron is and where the underlying mechanism that leads to the apparent collapse of the wave function comes from.

It’s about time, we explain space

The first occurrence of energy interacting with itself is like a point that propagates in the form of a sphere. This infinitesimally small nudge is the moment space starts to be created. In this tiny space, the same occurs repeatedly creating more of it. 
That is what space is. 

At the same moment the emergent effect called space is created, there is another emergent effect created from it simultaneously where there is now a distance stuff can travel and a motion through space. 
That is how time emerges along with space

That space is an emergent effect and time simultaneously emerges with space can be seen in the theory of relativity. And as a result, time and space are interwoven in an inverted kind of way. 
That is how the formula of Special relativity could be derived and where the underlying mechanism that leads to space-time comes from. 

Because of the vastness of the universe, this interwoven inverted relationship between space and time is almost unnoticeable to us except when measuring with extremely precise measuring equipment. The reason that the effects of it aren’t noticed at 'normal' speeds is because the space time relationship is very dependent on very high speeds, acceleration and deceleration. 
Before you get to extreme speeds, accelerations or decelerations, everything seems relatively normal. 
To take changes in motion into account, General relativity was derived and that is where the underlying mechanism that leads to curved space-time comes from.

For every measurement where time is involved, you will need space and time. And no matter what direction in space you go, time will emerge from it, whether you go forward or backward in space. 
That is where the underlying mechanism that leads to the arrow of time comes from. 

At the tiny instance before the interaction of energy with itself happens, infinite speed temporarily equals zero speed. This is where the first entanglement happens and how everything else that follows is at that level equally entangled. 
That is where quantum entanglement starts.

It’s all about resolution 

If the interaction of energy with itself seems like a highly quantized event, why does it all look so analog at large scales? And why does the occurrence of these interactions appear particle like while the propagation of these occurrences seems like waves?

Even though everything is basically made from the same particles, the resolution is so high that our senses can not discern what is really happening. 
That is why reality doesn’t appear quantum in nature while everything is made of quantifiable parts. 
That is where the underlying mechanism that led to the particle like view of nature comes from, but is weirdly also why reductionism could seem like the way to go. 

That particle like nature is the result of interactions between intermediate states of emergent effects during deceleration and acceleration. The changes are continuous or analog changes in velocity. 
In some sense our way of seeing the world as analog instead of quantum is how reality actually works on the most fundamental level and why it is not wrong to see it all as being very smooth. It is just that it is not the whole story. 
That is where the underlying mechanism that led to the wave like view of nature comes from.

When taking a much closer look at how energy, particles or matter behave, it became apparent that it could be both wavelike and particle like in nature.
That is where the underlying mechanism that led to the wave-particle duality comes from, and why quantum could seem like the way to go. 

There is of course much more we need to be aware of. First are the interactions themselves that interact. Then you have the emergent interactions that interact with the other interactions. And also the emergent interactions that can interact again with other emergent interactions or other fundamental interactions.
That is where the underlying mechanism that led to the emergent view of nature comes from and why emergence could seem like the way to go. 

At some point we have to realize that it is not one way or the other, but it is all of the above. That includes the effects between emergent interactions themselves, which also contribute massively to reality and are just as real as what we usually want to consider as (or believe to be) reality.

Now it’s up to the science people to leave everything intact that has already been proven and at the same time start rethinking the missing parts with all of this in mind.

Keep watching this space,
for (this) space is dynamic.

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